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The BBC has had previous dealings with the material.

The late Ken Russell co-wrote and directed a four-part version, called simply Lady Chatterley, starring Joely Richardson and Sean Bean, in 1993.

The sight of him stripped to the waist and scything crops sent many female viewers (and quite a few female TV reviewers too) into the kind of frenzy not seen since the bloke in the Levi’s 501 advert peeled off his T-shirt and jeans in the laundromat.

Press Association Reporter Radio broadcaster John Humphrys has said comments made in an off-air chat about equal pay were "nothing to do" with the campaign by Carrie Gracie after he was criticised for making light of the...And being conservative by nature, they’ll try to repeat the same trick — apply the same formula — again and again and again, so that eventually, every period drama can be “Poldarkised” into the same Sunday-friendly, won’t-frighten-the-horses shape.But problems arise when you try to “Poldarkise” one of the most controversial novels of all time.The hunt is already on for “the new Poldark”, even though the current one is still galloping towards production of its second series.An early contender, at least according to some sections of the media, is the BBC1’s upcoming supernatural drama series The Living and the Dead, starring Irish-born Merlin star Colin Morgan as a 19th-century farmer and paranormal investigator obsessed with proving the existence of the afterlife.

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