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"Those were my guys."The singer, who tends to let his thoughts roll up on each other ("Please cut me off," he insists more than once), is adamant that any darkness in his music be offset by humor. Here, Kraš pleads for reconciliation, but Banhart reminds her how awful of a partner he was. "It feels like I'm moving back home," he says.

Devendra Obi Banhart (born May 30, 1981) is a Venezuelan American singer-songwriter and visual artist.

To that end, last May he holed up in his tiny Los Angeles home at the time, accompanied only by longtime guitarist-collaborator Noah Georgeson.

The two gathered an assortment of borrowed equipment (including a pawnshop Tascam recorder, the kind used to record some of the earliest hip-hop), self-soundproofed his home-studio ("We didn't do a very good job"), and, over a few weeks, cut his seventh studio album – a typically diverse 14-track collection the singer characterizes as "an intimate affair."Video: Devendra Banhart and the Grogs: ACL 2010 Day Three"It's kind of the after-party to a party where no one was invited," he offers, then lets out a chuckle, equal parts childlike and mad professor.

On the album-closing, violence-baiting chant-song "Taurobolium" ("I can't keep myself from evil," he repeats), Banhart utilized a switchblade, knife, bells, whips, and glass to mimic a finger-snapping rhythm. "It's all about how you utilize the studio dimensions.", which often swung and sashayed with its whimsical guitar work, there's a heaviness that hangs over much of the songwriter's latest album.

On the album opener "Golden Girls" the songwriter is a young man alone on a dance floor, as bass pummels him from beneath.

This often involved finding new ways to create unnatural sounds.

, the outré singer-songwriter had – literally – an open-door policy: "Keep the windows open, keep the doors open, anybody's invited," he recalls of his then-motto.

But he changed things up on 2009's more-polished : Banhart rented a house in Northern California and was joined by producer Paul Butler (the Bees, Michael Kiwanuka) and a proper band – a new scenario he says put both men "out of their element."After a three-year break to focus on his visual art, when the singer-songwriter began writing his forthcoming album, (due March 19th on Nonesuch Records), he yearned to return to more familiar confines.

He hooked his pal, who recently made his acting debut in Dunkirk, up to a heart monitor to see what excites him and showed him a picture of Camille.

The awkward One Direction star squirmed: "I don’t know her. I hate you all so much." The Dunkirk hunk spent New Year 2018 with her in LA and a source said: “Camille’s come along at exactly the right point in Harry’s life.

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